We support our local scene and we’re thrilled to have such talented musicians to play for us!
This year all parties will have live music!
From Swing, to Bop, to RnB!
Djs with be sharing their grooving vibes before and after the live sessions.
We know how to party and our nights last until .. the morning! Be prepared to share late night vibes!
Djs TBA.


”The Jeepers Creepers” Band

Jeepers Creepers will be with us on Friday night to get us into the swingin groove!

The Jeepers Creepers band is a group of musicians from Athens(Greece), formed in 2017. They specialize in playing the beautiful popular or more rare tunes of the 1920’s, 1930’s, 1940’s and they also write some original songs inspired by the Swing era and the Prebop idiom. The band was named after the popular Harry Warren’s tune that became widely known by Louis Armstrong. Their dedication to the swing-jazz idiom leave the listeners with no choice but to dance and party all night long! They are a really active band and they give more than a hundred concerts every year.They have performed in Athens and other cities of Greece, in New York and in Holland and they have participated in many festivals like the Kardamili International jazz festival, Fougaro Jazz Festival, Djangofest Athens, Swing and Sail etc. They have also played for a lot of swing dance teams like the Rhythm Hoppers, Jump n’ Jive, the Kalamata lindy hop, Lindy Hop Volos etc. They’re still performing virtually during the covid period (The Carnival of Swing Festival, Festival International de Hot Jazz Mexico and more events coming up!).


”The Jumpin Bones” Band
Our personal favorite band of this festival will be with us on Saturday night to play -so amazingly- those Rhythm n Blues!

Links (Official Website) (Facebook) (Instagram)


The ‘Swing To Bop Quintet’

This amazing quintet will play on the Sunday party for us a set made just for dancing , from Swing… to BeBop!
We can’t wait to have them with us for the first time at our festival!

Stergios Polyzos: Sax, Flute
Dimitris Moudopoulos : Trumpet, Trombone
Dimitris Kamateros : Piano
Serafim Tourikas : Drums
Stavros Kaltampanos : Base