Our Amazing Teacher Team


Ari & Simon

Spain & United Kingdom

Ari and Simon are swing dance teachers, performers and choreographers. Primarily focused
on Lindy Hop and Authentic Jazz. They are passionate about these dance forms, especially in
the context of their cultural traditions, their values and their place as an artform.
Working together since 2016, they are now based in Madrid working globally as well as
growing their online platform through Patreon.
They are an energetic and rhythmical couple who love the interplay between the individual,
the music and the partner during a dance and how it can develop into a beautiful
They hold titles from the International Lindy Hop Championships, The Savoy Cup and The
Korean Lindy Hop Championships, among others. Their passion for the dance and the
culture of swing has grown with them and is something they constantly strive to develop
and express, whether in classes, on stage or in competition.


Joseph & Charlotte

United Kingdom

Joseph and Charlotte's deep knowledge of the Lindy and their studies with Frankie Manning, Norma Miller and Dawn Hampton are just the top of a long list to why they are top Lindy hop teachers for the last 10 years! We know when we tell you, they are absolutely amazing!
Known for his exciting and inspirational classes, Joseph is currently one of the UK’s leading swing dance teachers, choreographers, performers and avid social dancers of authentic swing dances.
With a degree in Sports Therapy, Charlotte has an understanding of how the body works whilst dancing. Dancing for as long as she can remember, she has a background in Contemporary , Tap, Jive, 20’s Charleston with a natural flair for Authentic Jazz.

Charlotte’s main passion is Lindy Hop and its History, taking her inspiration from the old timers & being fortunate enough to have worked closely with Ms Norma Miller ‘The Queen of Swing’.


Thorbjørn & Flora

Norway & France

Thorbjørn and Flora are swing dance teachers, performers, and choreographers. Their specialty lies within the swing dance form of Boogie Woogie, which they throughout a long dance-career have perfected their own style based on technicality, harmony, and musicality.

Flora, the French half of this couple, started dancing at the age of 8. She took part in classes within several different styles including jazz, street jazz, hip hop, salsa, pop rock before finally embarking on what was to become her true dance passion, swing dancing, which she has taught and competed in for years.

Thorbjørn is a Norwegian dancer, who will be celebrating 20 years of experience this year in the world of swing dances. He competed for several years in Boogie Woogie and won everything that could be won during competition-career. Until this date he is still the most winning Boogie Woogie-dancer in history.

Thorbjørn and Flora have been dancing together for 9 years. Years of practice, thousands of hours were needed to reach the level of skill they possess today. Skills that they are eager to teach to swing dance students around the world.


Ruben Garred


He's the best! He is always kind and eager to analyze the details of the moves to you, to share and make you practice even if you didn't feel like it! We've love him before and we want him back! Couldn't throw a WWF without him!
Ruben started swing dancing ten years ago. Boogie Woogie was
the dance that caught his attention first, but he very soon
discovered Lindy Hop as well. In 2013 he started teaching
in Bergen, where the social boogie scene is very strong.
After he began competing internationally a few years ago,
he has accomplished various achievements (listed underneath).
Ruben has a passion for teaching, competing and especially social dancing.
The highlight of the week is the Friday social dance in Bergen,
where the floor is packed.


Elena Evangelia


She is to blame for this festival! She loooves to jazz!
While standing in line for a dance audition in London, she saw a couple dancing to the tunes of a saxophone player at the street. She instantly felt in love with the swinging groove of Jazz.
In 2012 she started her own cultural space, teaching rhythmical jazz and vernacular/street dances, keeping the focus on how they have evolved from and influenced each other.As a teacher, she loves to guide her students to explore their dancing potentials. She constantly looking into interpreting movement and exploration, respecting tradition and moving forward.

egle regelskis

Egle Regelskis


Egle Regelskis is a passionate international swing dancer, teacher, and performer from Vilnius, Lithuania, teaching and helping her students to emerge. Dancing was always in her blood. She first tried Ballroom and Folk dances, but it was when she found the family of Swing dances in 2004 that she knew she had found what she was looking for!

Egle believes that dancing is something that helps people conquer their fears and truly connects them to who they are. The way we are is the way we dance, magic happens when we step out of our comfort zone thereby accepting ourselves with all our weaknesses and strengths. She also believes that if one can walk one can dance, everything else depends on passion and willingness to work.
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Taster Teachers

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Sofia Zaitseva


Sofia is a passionate swing dancer and teacher from Ukraine, who is currently based in Vilnius. She discovered her love for swing dancing at the young age of 15 and has since dedicated most of her time to the art form, leaving behind her other hobbies. Later on, she was living in different cities across Europe, including Stockholm and Barcelona following her passion to dance.
Now 21 years old, Sofia is fully committed to daily training and teaching in Vilnius, where she shares her passion for swing with her students. Her dedication to dance has earned her a reputation as a beautiful and skilled dancer, and she can often be seen at swing festivals in Europe.
One of Sofia's defining characteristics as a dancer is her emphasis on communication and personal style. She believes that dance is a conversation between partners and that each individual should bring their unique flair to the dance floor.

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Tomer Bernard


Shortly after discovering Swing dancing, Tomer began teaching in Tel Aviv's local scene in 2014. Tomer's extensive background in martial arts and rock climbing has given him a keen understanding of fitness
and various methods to study movement. As a Jazz music enthusiast, Tomer offers his students helpful insights to connect to the music both intellectually and physically. He finds that intricate and delicate movements are what make swing dance magical and enjoys sharing this passion with his students. Tomer is one of the main organizers of Tel Aviv's local swing dance scene and extends his teaching internationally.

Andeas Anagnostou

Andreas Anagnostou


Andreas, has enjoyed dancing ever since he was young. But it was only after he met Lindy Hop / Jazz about a decade ago, that he decided to dedicate great amount of his time to understand this dance in-depth. He has worked in a number of Swing Dance companies in Greece, as well as abroad.
He focuses on empowering his students to risk more in their dancing, thus to feel freer and more comfortable exploring their personality and cultivate what makes them unique.
His desire as a dancer is for his love of this African American dance art form to bring joy and smiles to as many humans as possible!

tasos booglas

Tasos (aka Boooglas)


Tasos is playing music from a very young age, especially the bass guitar. Combined with his love for rock’n’roll and rhythm’n’blues songs, it came naturally that he was in for the challenge of dancing boogie woogie and lindy hop.
From the moment he became familiar with our favorite types of dance, a wonderful journey started. He joined many classes, seminars and parties all over Europe (like Rock That Swing Festival, Herrang Dance Camp etc) and got many precious advices from many international teachers and dancers. He participated in countless competitions and had many achievements, but his biggest rewards are the smiles of his followers.
Nowadays, he teaches boogie woogie, lindy hop and solo jazz on a regular basis. He pays extra attention to the technique and all those little details that make us fall in love with this dance. He always set the bar high for himself and so for his students and pushes them to their limit through respectful and fun ways.

katerina tolia

Katerina Tolia


Katerina Tolia is a passionate swing dancer from Athens, Greece. From early age she studied music theory and violin and her love for jazz music led her to swing dances. She started Lindy Hop & Solo Jazz 10 years ago and later on, she discovers boogie woogie, shag and balboa. These dances became ever since an essential part of her life.

She is an active member of Jump n Jive Athens Swing Team since 2014. In her classes she is focusing on more inclusive ways of education and wants to share the joy and the groove of these dances. She loves social dancing, so if you meet her at the dance floor, don't hesitate to ask her for a dance.

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Miryam Lasunción


``Energy and Joy are the words that define me the most. I started dancing modern jazz when I was little, and from there, I jumped into the world of performance and dance. In 2018 I discovered Lindy Hop, a dance that played with the versatility of rhythm and brought my greatest insecurities to the surface. Now, Vernacular Jazz and it's history have become my passion and my driving force. I hope to be able to show you my connection with the dance and its history.

elli spiggou shuffle

Elli Spiggou


Ellie is an interior designer with a passion for dancing. Started dancing back in 2009 when she decided to observe and try many different styles (modern, musical jazz and some latin and tango argentino). In 2008 she met Elena and Jump n Jive and fell in love with Boogie Woogie, Blues and all the vintage dances. And then, in 2020 covid-19 came, solo dancing became the safest way of expressing feelings and blowing off steam.
Shuffle dancing became a passion. The energy required, the sweat, the fast tempos is what made it stuck.
What truly inspires her to keep shuffling is the diversity in rythms, music genres and styles. Are you having a pop mood? House? RnB? Electro swing? All she needs is the beat and the feet start moving on their own. Shuffle dancing is a great add to the freestyle of a dancer and she would love to see you incorporating it in your dance (even while your partner is solo jazzing during your lindy hop ).

veli & daniel

Daniel & Velislava


Veli and Dani are one of the first swing dance couples in Sofia, Bulgaria when vintage culture took over the country in 2009-2010.Veli and Dani are one of the first swing dance couples in Sofia, Bulgaria when vintage culture took over the country in 2009-2010. In addition to dancing together since the beginning, in 2013 they founded their own dance school - Swingin Monkeys. It is among the leading schools in the country and they are constantly adding new swing dance styles. Veli and Dani started with Boogie Woogie, later Lindy and Charleston. Their latest passions are Shag and Blues. Veli has gone through different styles of dance since childhood and Dani's first and foremost love is Swing. They love to dance with passion and share it with other people!