Swing Dance Camp

at The Ranch

Wild West Festival is an amazing Swing Dance Festival taking place very close to the sunny city of Athens

(Korinthos, Greece, 02-04  December 2022).


Non stop dancing, winter holidays, good live music, great Djs, competitions and performances, all in one place!
Join the crazy Greeks in an unforgettable dancing weekend 😉

Registration is now Open!


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’’The campsite is absolutely breathtaking!’’

Horses to ride, big Saloon Ballrooms, a western themed dinning room with exceptional choices of -greek- food, archery and dancing. Sounds like a wild dream!


Bianca & Nils (IT & SE)
Charlotte & Joseph (UK)
Elena & Ruben (GR & NOR)
Egle Regelskis (LT)
Rivital & Tomer (IL)
Fred Caputo(FR)
Velislava & Daniel (BG)
Jeepers Creepers Swing Band
Nassos Bobos (GR)
Elena Evangelia (GR)
Tomer Bernard (SE)
Daniel Trolly (BG)

The Festival includes:

  • Dance Workshops , Lindy Hop, Boogie Woogie, Jazz and Taster Classes!
  • 3 Parties – Friday, Saturday and Sunday
  • Live music: Jeepers Creepers Swing Band mtba
  • Accommodation in wonderful wooden rooms of 45 sq.meters with private bathroom
  • All you can eat Greek meals: Breakfast – Lunch – Dinner
  • Bus Roundtrip from the center of Athens
  • Horse Riding amp: Archery lessons

Accommodation at the camp

Yes, this is a camp festival! We sleep, eat, drink, dance and have a blast, all in the great western ballrooms and facilities of the venue.
A regular accommodation plan includes 2 nights stay in wonderful wooden rooms of 45 sq. meters with private bathroom. These rooms can host 4 to 6 people.

If you want to have a special room (double or single) please contact us and we will let you know about the price rate.
As you continue your registration (press register now) you will see the options and prices for accommodation and meals.

Greek Delicious Meals

The meals are in ‘all you can eat’ buffet menu. There are a lot of great choices for vegetarians too.

Greek meals during the camp:

Friday : Lunch – Dinner
Saturday : Breakfast – Lunch – Dinner
Sunday : Breakfast – Lunch

Bus Roundtrip

The bus departs from Athens center, Sygrou Fix + Syntagma.
For now the times slots are :
  • Friday 02/12 at 10.00

We recommend taking the morning bus if possible so you can enjoy the whole day at the camp, the classes and the camp activities.

All buses will depart from the camp on Sunday 04/12 at 21.00. We will be back at the centre of Athens around 23.15, that is, before the metro is closed. (The Athenian metro service on a Sunday night ends at midnight.)

Choose your Pass

162 euros | Includes:
5 hours of workshops
3 PARTY PASSES for Friday, Saturday and Sunday
All Taster Classes

157 euros | Includes:
3 hours of workshops
2 PARTY PASSES for Saturday and Sunday
All Taster Classes

127 euros | Includes:
3 PARTY PASSES for Friday, Saturday and Sunday
All Taster Classes

117 euros | Includes:
3 PARTY PASSES for Friday, Saturday and Sunday

  • The Registration will be open on the 10th of July.
  • This weekend is going to be the best of your dancing life!!!
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Our Amazing Teacher Team


Bianca Locatelli


Bianca and Nils are members of the Swedish national team in Boogie Woogie and Lindy Hop and together they won several Swedish competitions including the Swedish championships. Even abroad they hold titles at the International Lindy Hop Championship (ILHC), Camp Hollywood, European Swing Dance championship, several Boogie Woogie international competitions.
They are the masters of Lindy hop and Boogie Woogie and they are here to share their energy with us!


Nils Andérs


They love swing dancing because it brings people together and spreads joy between them, but also because it is more than just a dance. It has a powerful meaning and history. The dance challenges them in keeping practicing, creating and expressing. Bianca and Nils’ goal is to help you become the best dancer you can be and to understand the values of this dances if you are a student and to be entertained and moved if you are a spectator at one of their shows.


Joseph Sewell


Known for his exciting and inspirational classes, Joseph is currently one of the UK’s leading swing dance teachers, choreographers, performers and avid social dancers of authentic swing dances.
Joseph and Charlotte's deep knowledge of the Lindy and their studies with Frankie Manning, Norma Miller and Dawn Hampton are just the top of a long list to why they are top Lindy hop teachers for the last 10 years! We know when we tell you, they are absolutely amazing!


Charlotte Middlemiss


With a degree in Sports Therapy, Charlotte has an understanding of how the body works whilst dancing. Dancing for as long as she can remember, she has a background in Contemporary , Tap, Jive, 20’s Charleston with a natural flair for Authentic Jazz.

Charlotte’s main passion is Lindy Hop and its History, taking her inspiration from the old timers & being fortunate enough to have worked closely with Ms Norma Miller ‘The Queen of Swing’. She has a real fun teaching style where every follower who experiences her classes loves her unique focus on technique, styling and her mass of follower variations.


Ruben Garred


He's the best! He is always kind and eager to analyze the details of the moves to you, to share and make you practice even if you didn't feel like it! We've love him before and we want him back! Couldn't throw a WWF without him!
Ruben started swing dancing ten years ago. Boogie Woogie was
the dance that caught his attention first, but he very soon
discovered Lindy Hop as well. In 2013 he started teaching
in Bergen, where the social boogie scene is very strong.
After he began competing internationally a few years ago,
he has accomplished various achievements (listed underneath).
Ruben has a passion for teaching, competing and especially social dancing.
The highlight of the week is the Friday social dance in Bergen,
where the floor is packed.


Elena Evangelia


She is to blame for this festival! She loooves to jazz!
While standing in line for a dance audition in London, she saw a couple dancing to the tunes of a saxophone player at the street. She instantly felt in love with the swinging groove of Jazz.
In 2012 she started her own cultural space, teaching rhythmical jazz and vernacular/street dances, keeping the focus on how they have evolved from and influenced each other.As a teacher, she loves to guide her students to explore their dancing potentials. She constantly looking into interpreting movement and exploration, respecting tradition and moving forward.


Egle Regelskis


We are so excited about Egle Joining our teachers team! Egle Regelskis is a passionate international swing dancer, teacher, and performer from Vilnius, Lithuania, teaching and helping her students to emerge. Dancing was always in her blood. She first tried Ballroom and Folk dances, but it was when she found the family of Swing dances in 2004 that she knew she had found what she was looking for!

Egle believes that dancing is something that helps people conquer their fears and truly connects them to who they are. The way we are is the way we dance, magic happens when we step out of our comfort zone thereby accepting ourselves with all our weaknesses and strengths. She also believes that if one can walk one can dance, everything else depends on passion and willingness to work.


Velislava & Daniel


Aaaand... `{`drum roll`}`.. We have another great edition to our teacher's line up! So happy they are on board!
Meet Daniel and Veli!
Veli and Dani were one of the first dance couples in Sofia, Bulgaria when Swing culture took over the country in 2009-2010. In addition to dancing together since the beginning, in 2013 they founded their own dance school - Swingin Monkeys. It is among the leading schools in the country and they are constantly adding new swing dance styles. Veli and Dani started with Boogie Woogie, later Lindy and Charleston. Their latest passions are Shag and Blues. Veli has gone through different styles of dance since childhood and Dani's first and foremost love is Swing. They love to dance with passion and share it with other people!


Fred Caputo

France & Italy

We are so happy that Fred will be with us to share his knowledge and experience!
Fred Caputo
It was at the age of 19 that Fred discovered dance. First with hip-hop and rock n' roll and then became passionate about Boogie and Lindy, very talented in these styles, he wanted to face the best dancers in the world in international competitions. Since then, he has not stopped traveling in order to live his passion, to dance socially and in competition but also to train and share his passion with other dancers in festivals. Fred is requested in several national and international festivals. Through festivals, Fred wants to share the beauty and technique of swing.

Our festival is based in the joy of dancing and socializing!

Organizing this festival takes a lot of effort and we are lucky to have talented volunteers waiting in the wings to help us out.

We welcome on board volunteers who want to help this festival be amazing!
If you’d like to join our volunteer’s team, please press fill out the form and we will contact you very soon.
What you’ll have to do:
You will have to volunteer for a maximum total of 5 hours per day for the 3 days of the festival welcoming people at the registration, setting up the tea party or helping out in the evening events.
You may have to work on Friday and Monday, driving teachers to and from the airport – you must have your own car but we will cover the gas.
We ask that all our volunteers
To be happy to contribute to the festival and help the participants!

Let’s Support each other!

People’s Scholarship Pass
This pass is made to help our fellow dancers who cannot afford to join our festival.
We all need a hand from time to time and we are happy as a community to support each other.
If you think this pass if for you, please fill out this form and we will get back to you very soon!
Please help this scholarship happen by donating a small amount at your check out.

Hosting & Accomodation

If you feel you can host some fellow dancer from abroad for few days before or after WWF2022, please fill in the form!
We will let them know about your details bellow so that you can communicate with each other.
We trust that you will do everything you can to be the best host ever!

If you are going to visit Athens for few days before or after WWF2022 and want to be hosted from a fellow codancer, please fill in the form!
We will let them know about your details bellow so that you can communicate with each other.
We know that you are going to be a great guest!