Lindy hop classes


You have been dancing for more than 6 months and you are very eager to learn more! You are getting more comfortable dancing to medium tempos and you’d like to expand your skills on connection, musicality and improvisation.

If all these are true,

This level is for you!

Expect no less than amazing and inspiring classes in the middle of the Wild, Wild West!


You have been dancing for 2 years now and you are very serious about the learning process! You can connect with music and rhythm more and more each day and play with it through improvisations. You can handle faster and slower tempos.

If all these are true,
This level is for you!
Expect no less than clever and innovative new material, and cool ways to improve your technique and style. All in the wild, Wild West!


You have been dancing more than 3 years now, filling your life with Lindy Hop in different dimensions, workshops, camps, parties.
You can easily adjust yourself to leading, following and improvising to music, and express yourself through musicality.
If all these are true,
This level is for you!
You will be challenged by this exciting level. Expect no less than inspiration, cool techniques and high level of teaching, all here, in the wild, Wild West!

Our Amazing Teachers’ Team

N B wanted 2020

Bianca & Nils


We just LOVE them! They are the masters of Lindy hop and Boogie Woogie and they are here to share their energy with us!

C J wanted 2020

Charlotte & Joseph


Their deep knowledge of the Lindy and their studies with Frankie Manning, Norma Miller and Dawn Hampton are just the top of a long list to why they are top Lindy hop teachers for the last 10 years! We promise, they are absolutely amazing!

R I wanted 2020

Ingvild & Ruben


No words needed! We couldn't throw a wwf without them!

e e wanted 2020

Elena Evangelia


She is to blame for this festival! She loooves to jazz and we loooooove her!